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Top 5 Cars That Break Down the Most: Least Reliable Brands

When the time comes for you to search for a new car, focusing on size, style, and cost might be your top priorities. Of course, you want to spend money on something you can afford and enjoy driving. But, ultimately, a car’s appearance and amenities won’t save you money or time in the long run. Instead, its reliability will. If budget and finances concern you, identifying the vehicles most likely to break down will help simplify your shopping experience. After all, they’re the ones you’ll want to avoid! Which ones are they? Let’s look!

1. Chevrolet

Despite being a well-known American automobile brand owned by General Motors, Chevrolet has an undesirable reputation regarding vehicle reliability. Over the years, Chevy has issued thousands of recalls with safety concerns at the forefront. Whether the problems surround airbags, rear-seat lower anchor bars, or fire risks, the quality concerns involving the General Motors brand are clear among industry reviews. In fact, Consumer Reports ranks Chevrolet as one of the least reliable car brands. RepairPal rates it 20th out of 32 for reliability among all car brands. Additionally, RepairPal notes a 15% likelihood of a Chevrolet needing severe repair work because of a breakdown.

2. Land Rover

As an upscale British automaker, Land Rover is famous for its luxury SUVs, boasting solid off-road capabilities, hybrid availability, and sleek, iconic designs. In addition, consumer ratings for the Defender and Discovery models on Kelley Blue Book suggest perfection, with ratings falling between 4.5 and 5.0. Yet the reliability data could be much more impressive overall, especially for the price you pay to own a Land Rover vehicle.

Unlike competitors that are “built to last,” Land Rover has lower-than-average reliability ratings and a higher-than-average repair frequency. Data from RepairPal lists Land Rover as having a 2.5 out of 5.0 reliability rating, and the brand even falls to the bottom of the reliability list for all car brands, ranking 31 out of 32. What about breakdowns? RepairPal notes that 16% of repairs for all Land Rover models are severe, making ownership even more expensive because of the higher prices you pay for luxury car repairs.

3. Cadillac

Also owned by General Motors, Cadillac is another famous American brand that focuses on manufacturing luxury vehicles. But even though the automaker is renowned for its Escalade, Cadillacs are still known for having electrical problems and receiving low-reliability scores and owner satisfaction rates.

According to Consumer Reports, Cadillac ranks among the lower third of all brands for its CTS, ATS, and Escalade. A few notable issues include unsecured seats, ignition issues, and faulty airbags involving the electrical system, particularly with the 2014 CTS. But what about the newer models? Unfortunately, Consumer Reports gives these vehicles a 1.0/5.0 for predicted reliability, while RepairPal ranks the brand 26th out of 32 overall.

4. Jaguar

The British brand Jaguar, iconic for its name and logo, is notorious for having sleek styles, luxurious comfort, and impressive engines. Yet, despite these features, the brand’s reputation for reliability hits close to the bottom of the list. In the 2023 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study, Jaguar received 26/32. Consequently, RepairPal’s ratings are just as low, placing the brand at 29/32. However, Tata Motors—Jaguar’s parent company—is well aware of the issue and is working to redefine the brand.

In a 2021 interview with CoventryLive, Jaguar CEO Thierry Bollore suggested the company loses thousands of sales yearly because of negative customer perception. But the plan moving forward is to improve quality and customer satisfaction, a critical step to help ensure the frequency of costly maintenance repairs drops.

5. Porsche

Porsche, a subsidiary of the German automotive manufacturer Volkswagen, offers multiple vehicle model options with lavish interior designs, strong engine performance, and innovative technology. However, these premium perks are costly to repair. RepairPal data shows that, on average, 21% of Porsche repairs are severe, which points to expensive ownership costs. Even worse, the auto repair hub gives Porsche a 2.0/5.0 reliability rating and ranks it 32 out of 32, making it the least dependable car brand of all reviewed. So what repairs and costs might you expect as a Porsche owner? Consider the following possibilities:

Porsche 911

Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement – $980 – $1,045

Porsche 968

AC Compressor Clutch Replacement – $1,069 – $1,103

Porsche Cayman

Fuel Tank Replacement – $3,356 – $3,573

Starter Replacement – $1,427 – $1,550

Derived from RepairPal.com*

Can You Safeguard an Unreliable Car?

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