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Cadillac Extended Warranty

Much like other vehicle manufacturers, including its parent company General Motors, Cadillac offers a variety of standard and extended warranties on the vehicles it produces. Notably, different warranties from the factory and the dealership will cover different things, and consumers should be aware of the differences between them.

New Car Warranties

Cadillac offers four primary types of warranties for new vehicles, all of which are limited in scope. Note that all warranties have an additional clause of “whichever comes first” when dealing with both time and distance.

  • Bumper-to-Bumper – This is the most basic warranty that Cadillac offers, covering four years and 50,000 miles of driving. This particular coverage has no deductible, and covers parts and labor to repair any defects in parts or the workmanship of the vehicle, though this does exclude all routing maintenance. On the bright side, the policy does cover the cost of towing (to the closest qualifying dealership) and transfers with the vehicle – so some used Cadillac vehicles will still benefit from this warranty.
  • Transferable Powertrain – This plan covers six years and 70,000 miles on all models under (and after) the 2013 line, as well as 5 years and 100,000 miles on older vehicles. This warranty begins on the original in-service date of the vehicle and focuses on repairs to the drive systems, transmission, and engine of the vehicle. It is standard on all new vehicles that Cadillac offers.
  • Roadside Assistance – It offers additional coverage for help along the roadside during the course of its length, matching the length of the Transferable Powertrain warranty. Assistance is available 24/7 under this program.
  • Courtesy Transportation – This program offers either alternative transportation or reimbursement for transportation expenses, depending on the circumstances in which a claim is made, and matches the Transferable Powertrain protection in length.

Used Car Warranties

Special and extended warranty options may be available for used Cadillacs, especially vehicles that quality as Certified Pre-Owned cars. This is often done on a dealership level, and the warranties may differ based on an individual vehicle’s status. An extended protection, also known as a vehicle service contract, can be purchased for almost any used vehicle 10 years or older. This type of extended protection is sold at the dealerships or online, purchasing it online will reduce the car warranty cost.

Alternate Warranties

In cases where a vehicle does not come with a warranty, or the owner feels that the warranty is inadequate, it is often possible to get some form of extended coverage from a third-party provider. Typical support from these plans includes free vehicle rentals and roadside assistance (similar to Cadillac’s extended plans), as well as replacement of keys, customer service at all hours, and support for repairs being done at any appropriate repair shop. Financing fees are rarely imposed

Getting Repairs at Non-Dealership Locations

Cadillac recommends that repairs to their vehicles be performed at an authorized dealership. In fact, this is usually required for any and all service to be covered by their warranties unless you are found to be “significantly inconvenienced” by the problem with your vehicle and either the parts in question or an appropriate dealer are not available to handle the matter. While this does not happen very often, Cadillac drivers should be aware of these clauses and know that their warranties may cover repairs at non-dealership locations.

Extended coverage is available for the following models:









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