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High Cost of Car Repairs Makes an Extended Auto Warranty a Must-Have

With innovations and advancements taking place every day across the globe, it’s no surprise that things are getting more expensive than ever, no matter what it is you’re trying to buy. Whether it’s a good or a service, you can bet on paying more for it than you used to. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the cost of auto repairs, maintenance, and service. These essential purchases are costing more than ever, which could even make driving inaccessible for some people.

While there isn’t much you can do to keep the costs of auto repairs down; there are ways you can save yourself money. One of the best ways to do this is with an extended auto warranty. And by understanding why auto repairs are so expensive, you can make the right choices and lower your particular expenses.

Why Are Auto Repair Costs Rising?

There are many reasons why auto repairs are getting more expensive. While some of these reasons may change over time, some of them will only get worse. Because of that, an extended auto warranty is more important than ever before as it can help protect you and your car as prices continue to rise.

Complex Vehicles

One of the main reasons auto repairs are getting more expensive is that vehicles themselves are getting more complex. As automakers move into the electric and hybrid space, vehicles rely more and more on computers to regulate their basic functions. This makes them harder to work on and can require specialized training.

Even traditional vehicles are more complicated than ever. With intricate systems and unique parts, it can be challenging to make a quick fix at home. Some components are so sophisticated that only a certified mechanic should take a look at them. And in some cases, you can even void your warranty if you repair specific components of your vehicle on your own. Because of new obstacles like this, you may find yourself taking your car into a shop for things like oil changes, which you would have otherwise done yourself.

Fewer Mechanics

As the world turns into more of a global economy, fewer people are getting into the trades than there used to be. As more young people look for jobs in science and technology, fewer are getting jobs as mechanics or technicians than in previous generations. This means that there is a smaller supply of reputable shops in the United States, which, in turn, drives up the cost of getting your vehicle repaired.

Expensive Parts

Modern vehicles are more complex than ever, which means they use more intricate and obscure parts. The days of mixing and matching parts from different automakers are gone, which creates a need for expensive, specially fabricated parts. Whereas labor would be the biggest expense on your repair bill many years ago, parts are starting to get harder to obtain and, as a result, more expensive.

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Which Repairs Are the Most Expensive?

Engine Replacement

Engine replacement is typically the most expensive repair you might have to make on your car. With an average cost between $3,000 and $4,000, this procedure may end up being more expensive than what a used car is worth. With engines becoming more specialized and precisely designed, those costs will only go up with time.

Engine replacement is usually needed because of a lack of maintenance. With frequent oil changes, coolant checks, and spark plug replacements, you can avoid having to make this costly repair. Some extended warranty providers can help cover the cost of this preventive maintenance and ensure that you get it done on the right schedule.

Transmission Replacement

Transmission replacements are another incredibly expensive process. With an average cost of $2,600, this is not a repair anyone wants to make on their car. Regular transmission fluid changes can help keep your transmission running smoothly and free of metal shavings and particles. An extended warranty can help pay for maintenance like this so you can avoid the high cost of this repair.

Head Gasket

The head gasket in your vehicle’s engine is another one of the more costly repairs you can be faced with. There is also a reason the phrase ‘blowing a head gasket’ often gets used, as the average cost of replacing a head gasket can be between $1,624 and $1,929, making it a major repair job. This is due to the fact that a vehicle’s head gasket is located directly in the center of the block. This means that the entire engine needs to be taken apart for it to be replaced, and with the cost of labor rising, this repair will only get more expensive.

Why Costs Will Continue to Rise

Although vehicle repair costs are already expensive, they are likely to get even pricier as time goes on. Many automakers have vowed to produce more electric and hybrid vehicles and slowly phase out internal combustion engines. This means that mechanics will need more specialized training, and the cost of parts will continue to rise.

However, an extended warranty can help you save money on repairs, and in some cases, essential maintenance, even if you have an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles and hybrids will continue to use things like tires, windshield wipers, and brakes. All of these components can be covered by the right extended warranty, so you can save money when the time comes to repair or replace them.

How an Extended Warranty Can Help

Even though automobile repairs keep getting more expensive, an extended warranty can help you save money. By covering your car’s components, you can be sure that if you end up with a flat tire or a dead battery on the side of the road, you will be able to get the help you need. Getting a plan that covers maintenance will also help you prevent some of the more costly repairs by keeping your engine in good shape so you can get the most out of your vehicle no matter how expensive common repairs get.

Protect Yourself From Costly Repairs With an Extended Warranty

With the right extended warranty, you can avoid having to pay for some of the most expensive repairs on your vehicle through regular maintenance and auto care. Full engine and transmission replacements are easy to prevent if you are covered for regular maintenance. Making sure that you and your car are protected as prices at the mechanic go up is a great way to save money and keep your vehicle running for years and years.

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