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How Much Does It Cost to Change Car Interior?

Revamping the inside of your car will probably not be at the top of your to-do list the day you buy it. Instead, you’ll likely focus on updating your insurance information, managing your new car payments, and keeping your gas tank full. But at some point, you might get bored with your car’s interior design and wonder if giving it an upgrade is possible.

Surprisingly, you can customize nearly everything inside your vehicle to enhance its overall style and comfort. And because multiple options are available, sprucing it up can fit virtually any budget, big or small. But how much does it cost to change your car’s interior exactly? Well, it all depends on what you do and how you do it.

What Can I Do and How Much Will It Cost Me?

The changes you make to your car’s interior can range from basic to dramatic. Ultimately, hiring a professional to give the inside a complete overhaul will be the most expensive option: it can cost thousands of dollars. However, you can make upgrades, either by yourself or with an experienced detailer, that can transform your car’s look and feel and increase its value.

Let’s explore a few possibilities.

Reupholstering Your Seats or Buying Custom Seat Covers

Replacing your car’s seat covers is one modification you can make to improve overall driver comfort and your car’s inside appearance. It’s also a way to eliminate lingering odors or alter your car’s color scheme. But you can do this in several ways, and the costs are all over the board. For instance, you can choose to reupholster your seats with a different material or purchase car seat covers at a much lower price. Additionally, fabric options range from vinyl and nylon, which can be more durable and reasonably priced, to costlier options like polyester and leather.

According to Creative Colors International Inc., an auto restoration and detailing service provider in Illinois, replacing one car seat with new cloth upholstery can cost around $250. But replacing every seat in your car with new fabric can cost $3,000 or more. Leather upholstery, however, is the most expensive option, and installing it can run upwards of $700 per seat. But prices can fluctuate from business to business, so getting quotes from several companies before you settle on one will help ensure you get the best rate possible.

If professional reupholstery exceeds your price range, you can opt for universal or custom-fitted car seat covers. As a more budget-friendly choice, seat covers deliver a quick fix for concealing rips, stains, and worn or faded materials. Again, prices fluctuate depending on the fabric you pick and whether you purchase a product with a tailored fit. Typically, car seat covers cost between $25 and $250.

Customizing Your Floor Mats

Manufacturers design floor mats to absorb moisture and protect your car’s carpet from dirt and debris. However, they can also serve as a decoration and echo your personality. A simple online search will give you countless options for colors, patterns, or themes. You can even design your own floor mats using personal photos or text. Best of all, custom floor mats are relatively inexpensive. Amazon sells universal car floor mats with the option to personalize them for under $100. Design shops on Etsy sell sets of four mats with monogramming at a similar price.

Installing Interior Car Lights

Adding LED lighting is a simple way to express your personality and increase visibility inside your car. You can set the vibe to deliver a fun or romantic feel by attaching color-changing strip lights under your dash or glove compartment or along your car doors. And with the option to make adjustments using the remote that most sets include, you can transition colors instantly if you so desire.

Amazon offers dozens of LED light options for under $30 per set. But make sure you pick a product compatible with your car’s power source, such as a 12V vehicle power adapter. If you have trouble with the adhesive strip that comes with the product, you can get creative and use support clips or a stronger glue to ensure the strips attach to the surface. However, do so at your own risk, as you could damage your car’s paint or exterior if you’re not careful or use the wrong adhesive.


Covering the Wheel

Buying a new steering wheel cover is one of the simplest and cheapest changes you can make to add character to your car. There are countless patterns and colors to choose from, even ones with genuine leather, crystal rhinestones, or stress-relieving massaging grips. Some offer other perks, like regulating surface temperatures so that your wheel stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you prefer a more eco-friendly option, you can choose products that are manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals. Prices run as low as $12 or as high as $60.

Replacing the Carpet

If you have the time, patience, and talent, Family Handyman magazine recommends changing your car’s carpet on your own. Using a pre-formed rug, you can install it in your car for less than $300, completing the project in one day. Auto parts stores like Factory Interiors sell these types of replacements in select colors, materials, and backing. They also offer free carpet swatch samples to help ensure you pick the exact color you want. But before you make your purchase, double-check that the product is compatible with your car’s make and model.

How Else Can I Boost My Car’s Value?

While upgrading the inside of your car is a great way to enhance its value, so is investing in a comprehensive extended car warranty. Why? Because it helps keep your vehicle in top running condition and shows that you care enough to stay on top of recommended maintenance. Should you decide to sell, a transferable coverage plan can add additional value to your car and ease a buyer’s concerns regarding future mechanical failures. An affordable breakdown coverage plan from a top-rated auto protection provider can also keep you safe on and off the road as long as you keep your car. Start your search to find the best contract for your needs and budget by exploring our in-depth reviews here.

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