Environmentally Friendly Car Repairs


Environmentally Friendly Car Repairs and Maintenance

Embracing an eco-friendly mindset and living a lifestyle that helps protect the environment is a great way to cultivate a sense of purpose. But how you integrate sustainable practices into your everyday lifestyle doesn’t have to end in the home. You can also take steps as a car owner to contribute to the planet’s health and future.

Use Eco-Friendly Deodorizers

Sometimes a car’s interior absorbs moisture and causes it to smell gross. Whatever the cause—children, wet clothes, spills, etc.—a natural moisture-absorbing product can help eliminate the “funk” and get you back to that “new car” smell. One way to freshen it up is using deodorizers with activated charcoal or pure essential oils. Both are more eco-friendly than a regular car air freshener.

Another option is to use dryer sheets. Whether you just open the box or take a few out and stuff them in your car’s nooks and crannies, it can help absorb moisture and freshen the air. However, select a biodegradable option that is plant-based and free from artificial fragrance.

Adopt Water Conscious Cleaning Practices

An at-home car wash can be a cost-effective way to clean your vehicle, but only if you do it right. Unfortunately, letting the hose run wastes a lot of water, and not every car cleaner is good for the environment. To give your car an efficient and non-polluting scrub, you’ll want to pick up the following products:

  • Two large buckets,
  • Biodegradable soap,
  • A 100% natural, reusable sponge made with compostable materials, and
  • A microfiber towel for drying.

Once you’re ready to start washing, fill one bucket with soapy water and the other one only with water. Wash your car with soapy water, and then rinse the suds using the clean water in the other bucket. This way, you only use the water you need. When you’re done, dry your vehicle with your microfiber towel.

Avoid Idling

One of the top vehicle maintenance myths is that you should warm your car before driving in the winter. However, letting your car idle isn’t necessary with today’s technological advancements that have improved car engines. Your car’s engine will warm up as soon as you start driving. Idling only wastes fuel and releases harmful emissions into the air. When you aren’t moving, or you’re waiting for someone in a parking lot, turn off your car to save money and the plant.


Invest in High-Efficiency Tires

When the time comes to invest in new tires, one option you have is to buy a fuel-efficient set. Some of the best options on the market are environmentally friendly and help lower gas consumption. And who wouldn’t want to visit the pump less often with gas prices skyrocketing?

Brands like Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear offer options with enhanced technology, improved tread patterns for wet and dry traction, and even reduced tire weight for better fuel efficiency.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

Tire pressure is a critical part of car maintenance. In fact, too high or too low PSI levels (pounds per square inch) can impact the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. If you aren’t sure what your levels should be, check your car’s owner’s manual or driver-side door. Your vehicle’s TPMS warning light should alert you to a tire pressure issue as long as it is 15 years old or newer.

Follow Your Car’s Maintenance Schedule

Every vehicle comes with a booklet that outlines recommended maintenance. Being mindful of what the manufacturer lists and following the guidelines can help extend your car’s life and keep it operating correctly to reduce emissions. Be sure to service your vehicle regularly with a reputable and ASE Certified mechanic who performs routine oil changes, checks for leaks, and ensures the engine runs properly. Even cleaning and changing the air filter promotes fuel efficiency.

Save Money and the Environment

Saving money while keeping your car running well and supporting the environment is possible. One of the best ways to do so is by staying on protecting your budget from expensive car repairs with a solid extended car warranty. With the right provider, you can even stay on top of routine maintenance at a more affordable cost and ensure your car’s efficiency. While not all companies offer maintenance care policies, some do, so doing your research is vital. And to help you get started, you learn more about the top providers here.

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