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5 Tips to Remove Tire Marks From Concrete

Parking your car in your private driveway or garage is a major perk and convenience of being a homeowner. Instead of worrying about other motorists hitting it, you can relax knowing you are safe from careless drivers, pedestrians, and so on. Likewise, you don’t have to worry about a plow burying your vehicle in the snow during the winter. Still, there is one disadvantage to parking on concrete: tire marks.

Due to the porous composition of concrete, scuffs are possible. These bothersome spots can happen when you spin your car’s wheels too fast or leave it parked for an extended time. Even bicycle tires can cause skid marks on driveways or sidewalks. But, with some elbow grease and a few other materials, you can learn how to get tire marks off the concrete. If you feel tire scuffs and skid marks are diminishing your home’s appeal, taking a few simple steps can help eliminate the issue. Consider the following tips below.

Remove Tire Marks From Concrete in 5 Steps

#1. Gather the Proper Tools and Products.

Before starting your scuff-removing project, you’ll want to collect a few materials to help clear away the marks. If there’s anything you don’t have on hand, you should be able to find everything you need at your local hardware or retail store. Recommended tools and products include:

  • A stiff straw brush (similar to some floor brooms)
  • A non-filing detergent like 409 or Fantastic for epoxy-finished concrete or a degreasing liquid like Dawn dish soap or Simple Green for regular concrete.
  • A power washer
  • Rubber gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • A bucket

#2. Remove Debris and Other Items From the Area.

Since you’ll be using a high-pressure hose, you’ll want to move or cover any personal items close by to prevent them from water damage. These might include storage bins, plants, electrical/power tools, lawnmowers, etc. Once cleared, give the area a good sweep to remove any dirt or debris left behind.


#3. Start With the Power Washer Only.

The most eco-friendly way to remove tire marks from concrete is by attempting to wash them away with water first. Depending on the severity of the scuffs, this might be all you need. Simply soak the area with your power washer and use your high-quality straw brush/broom to scrub the site. The water’s pressure and the brush’s friction may be enough to lift the marks. But keep the hose moving and start on the lowest setting while you work on the affected area. Applying too much pressure concentrated in one spot can potentially damage the concrete.

#4. Try a Mixture of Water and Dawn Dish Soap.

Dawn dish soap detergent is a gentle yet powerful degreaser capable of removing grime and grease stains on more than just dirty dishes. So applying a simple blend of Dawn and hot water could help lift the tire marks from your concrete. Create your combination of soap and water in your bucket, and then apply it to the affected area. Let the mixture soak on the concrete for a few minutes before using your brush to give it a hardy scrub. After scrubbing, set the power washer on low and rinse away the suds from the concrete.

#5. Test Out a Commercial Degreaser.

If all else fails, a more potent degreasing agent like Simple Green—or 409/Fantastic for epoxy-finished concrete—may do the trick. However, do not use bleach. Because of its chemical makeup, bleach can lead to the deterioration or discoloration of the concrete and damage any plants or soil within reach. Also, be careful when applying a degreaser to epoxy-finished concrete. Testing the solution on a small area first may be best to ensure the chemicals don’t cause additional damage or strip away the sealer.

As with any chemicals, always read the manufacturer’s directions on the product’s label before starting the application. Also, wear your rubber gloves to protect your skin and put on your protective eyewear if necessary.

Once ready, pour the product directly on the tire marks and allow it to soak in for at least 15 minutes. However, do not let it dry. If the product starts to evaporate, add more to the area to help maintain saturation. Next, use your straw brush to scrub the area. Repeat the process and rinse the solution using your washer on the lowest setting.

Stay On Top of Preventative Maintenance

Like most car-related issues, the best way to prevent tire marks from staining concrete is by keeping up with preventative maintenance. As soon as you notice a spot, try to clear it away before it sets. The longer it sits, the harder it will be to remove it. The same concept applies to vehicle repairs. The longer you wait to fix a broken or deteriorating part, the more vulnerable your vehicle becomes to further damage and mechanical failures. Avoid procrastinating and save yourself money and time by investing in a breakdown coverage plan that can help keep you safe on the road and extend the life of your vehicle. Not sure where to start? Check out our top vehicle warranty programs here.

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