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Does My Car Warranty Cover a Cracked Windshield?

Your car’s windshield is a crucial yet often overlooked part of any vehicle that needs to be in good shape for you to drive safely. Even simply being dirty can present a serious safety hazard that limits your visibility and makes your car less safe. It can be even more dangerous if it gets cracked.

If your car has a cracked windshield, getting it repaired is your best bet to ensure you and your passengers will be safe on the road. An extended warranty can help you pay for all kinds of repairs, but you might be wondering if your windshield is covered. Knowing how windshield repairs work can help you make the best choice for you and your vehicle.

What Causes a Cracked Windshield?

There are a few different causes of windshield damage and they will all present themselves differently while also resulting in different kinds of damage. Perhaps the most common cause of a cracked windshield is road debris like rocks and gravel.

When driving behind other vehicles, your car will be subjected to all kinds of debris that other vehicles on the road can kick up. This debris can hit your windshield with enough force to put small divots in it or even crack it completely. To help protect yourself and your vehicle from this type of debris, be sure you keep enough distance between your vehicle and any trucks carrying things like mulch, gravel, or yard waste. These items can come loose from the truck and crack your windshield or cause other, much more serious damage. If you end up driving behind a truck that has an uncovered or unsecured load, it is best to change lanes if possible.

Sometimes, windshields can crack due to sudden temperature changes. While most windshields are designed to expand and contract with temperature changes, they can still be damaged by extreme changes. If, for example, your windshield is frozen and you throw boiling water on it, this can cause a crack as the glass shifts. It can also crack if the temperature outside is scorching and you are running a cold air conditioner inside the vehicle.

Do You Have to Repair a Cracked Windshield?

If you have a cracked or damaged windshield, you might be wondering whether or not you have to fix it. No matter how minimal the damage is, it’s a good idea to get it fixed as soon as possible. Even small cracks and divots can impair or block your vision which could potentially cause accidents. It may seem like the damage is small, but it only takes one second to make a crucial error.

Depending on where you live, you could potentially get pulled over by the police for having a cracked windshield. You will usually be issued something called a fix-it ticket when this happens. A fix-it ticket mandates that you get the windshield fixed, and once the violation is corrected, you can get the citation dismissed. In these cases, you will need to get your windshield crack repaired as soon as possible.

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Are Windshield Cracks Covered in an Auto Warranty?

For the most part, an auto warranty will not cover a cracked or damaged windshield. There are, of course, certain circumstances that are an exception. For example, this might be covered if the windshield was not manufactured correctly and cracked due to regular, everyday use. If the windshield were cracked by road debris, which is the most common way windshield damage can occur, it would not usually be covered. Because the windshield is generally categorized as a “wear item,” much in the same way brake pads, tires, and seatbelts are, even comprehensive warranties won’t usually cover them.

The good news is that a chipped or cracked windshield will probably be categorized as accidental damage. This means that your vehicle’s insurance policy may cover it. Depending on your deductible, you could end up getting a new windshield for free if yours is cracked by road debris. This will depend on your specific insurance policy and how comprehensive the coverage is for your vehicle.

Protect Your Vehicle With an Extended Warranty

Even if your warranty doesn’t cover a cracked windshield, there are still many benefits to having this kind of extra. Many extended warranties offer 24/7 roadside assistance if your windshield is severely damaged by road debris and you cannot drive your vehicle safely. The right warranty can make a big difference in your vehicle’s safety and your confidence when you are on the road. Explore our extended warranty provider reviews and buying guide to determine which extended warranty will work best for you and your vehicle.

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