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How to Get Car Repair Insurance? Is It Worth It?

No matter what kind of car you own, making repairs as soon as they come up is the best way to keep it running. Neglecting repairs will only make them worse and more costly down the line. Vehicle issues have a way of popping up right when you least expect them or at the most inconvenient times. When this happens, having coverage for repairs is a great way to make sure you keep your car running smoothly for longer.

Car repair insurance is one of the best ways to make sure you never have to put off repairs. By having coverage for your vehicle’s breakdowns or potential problems, you can be certain that it will stay in good condition and that you don’t have to worry about issues becoming worse over time.

What Is Car Repair Insurance?

Car repair insurance is sometimes called “mechanical breakdown insurance” and can be added to your regular car insurance. This plan will provide coverage for vehicle repairs, even when they aren’t related to accidents. This is a great way to make sure your car gets fixed when it needs to and that you don’t end up neglecting any time-sensitive repairs.

Car repair insurance helps protect you if your vehicle experiences issues related to regular wear and tear. Mechanical and equipment problems happen for all kinds of reasons, and knowing that you are covered can help you feel confident if you rely on your vehicle.

Is Car Repair Insurance Different Than an Extended Warranty?

Extended warranties and car repair insurance policies sometimes get used interchangeably, but they have some crucial differences. An extended warranty will only cover certain repairs and components on your car, depending on what is outlined in your warranty’s coverage. A car repair insurance policy will provide continuing coverage and cover you for many different repairs on multiple components.

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Difference Between Repair Insurance and Standard Car Insurance

While you can get repair insurance from your traditional car insurance provider, these policies are very different. Your traditional car insurance will cover you in the event of an accident or event that requires you to pay to either repair your car or someone else’s. These include collisions, fires, or theft, which are generally one-time events. In addition, car insurance is required in most states to operate any motor vehicle.

On the other hand, car repair insurance will help pay for things like breakdowns and mechanical issues, which are ongoing throughout the life of the car. Basic car insurance will not cover these types of things. If, for example, your alternator goes bad or your air conditioner compressor stops working, your traditional insurance will not pay for these repairs. Repair insurance will help cover the costs for these issues and is an optional addition to your regular insurance policy.

Is Your Car Eligible for Car Repair Insurance?

One of the things that you need to consider when thinking about getting car repair insurance is whether or not your vehicle will be eligible for it. Most insurance providers have certain limits regarding how many miles your car can have on the odometer. This is mainly because heavily driven vehicles will have a higher chance of mechanical breakdowns and equipment failures. Your insurance company will have its own specific policies outlining its mileage requirements. For example, National General Insurance will only offer repair insurance to cars that have less than 72,001 miles on them.

Some companies will also limit the ages of the cars they cover. For the most part, if your vehicle is older than 10 years old, you will have a hard time finding a company that will cover it for mechanical breakdowns. Many companies also have time limits on their contracts, meaning that if your car is older than its limit when your contract is up, you will not be able to renew it.

Is Car Repair Insurance Worth It?

If your vehicle is within the limits of your insurance company’s policies, it could be worth purchasing a car repair insurance policy. This is especially true if you bundle it with your current traditional insurance policy. Vehicles can experience issues for all kinds of reasons, and if you rely on your car to get you to and from work or any other reason, you don’t want to be left without it.

However, it would be best if you did some analysis on whether or not an extended warranty would be a better deal by looking into some of the most common issues for your particular vehicle. If an extended warranty covers those common issues, you may be able to benefit from it more than you would with repair insurance. Many extended warranties come with extra incentives like 24/7 roadside assistance, which can be incredibly helpful.

Protect Your Vehicle From Costly Breakdowns

By getting the right coverage for your car, you can protect it and keep it running for many years to come. Car repair insurance is a great way to make sure you get the repairs you need as soon as they appear. This means that you could be sure you aren’t left stranded in the event of an unexpected breakdown. By knowing what policies your insurance company offers, as well as what extended warranties may be available to you, you can make the best decision for you and your vehicle.

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