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What Does Lincoln Extended Warranty Cover?

With over 100 years under their belts, Lincoln has been manufacturing high-quality vehicles for a wide variety of consumers. Operating under Ford Motor Company, Lincoln offers luxurious vehicles in its vast lineup ranging from sedans, crossovers, and sports utility vehicles. Just like any other luxury car brand, Lincoln is not exempt from having parts fail. However, they do offer excellent extended warranties to keep you covered.

Investing in a Lincoln extended warranty helps save you money, time and keep your Lincoln running for years. Extended warranties for your Lincoln help cover repairs due to a defect in manufacturing or workmanship on factory components. Without the proper vehicle protection, you run the risk of paying out of pocket for your full repair bill, which is not always financially possible.

What Is Covered By Lincoln’s Extended Warranty?

Lincoln takes great pride in their coverage offerings for used vehicles after the original factory coverage has expired. You have the option to choose between four coverage levels to keep your Lincoln protected—all ranging from anywhere to 8 years or 125,000 miles. Unlike many warranties, Lincoln includes wear-and-tear coverage for both new and used vehicles. The following options are:


PremierCARE, also considered Lincoln’s exclusionary coverage, protects over 1,000 components on your Lincoln. The PremiumCare plan provides the most coverage and is ideal for drivers looking for bumper-to-bumper protection. Paying a little extra can ensure you have total protection when on the road.


ExtraCARE covers up to 113 essential components, offering premium protection for those looking for a more affordable option. This plan covers all major engine components and the gaskets, seals, and internal engine parts. While it does take a drastic step in component coverage compared to PremiumCARE, you can still expect protection from repairs usually requiring thousands to fix. 


BaseCARE offers great coverage for those who want to spend a little less money, covering 84 essential components on your vehicle. It will cover all major engine components, seals, and gaskets similar to ExtraCARE, but you will lose coverage on 29 components. 


PowertrainCARE is Lincoln’s most affordable extended warranty option that will cover 29 key components. Just like every other plan, you will get the same great coverage for major engine components, gaskets, seals, and internals, but not too much past that. This is an ideal warranty for those who only want to pay for coverage on the main drivetrain components.

How Much Does Lincoln’s Extended Warranty Cost?

One of the biggest concerns that people have with extended warranties is the cost. You will need to weigh the extended warranty cost, how long it will last, and what you would expect to pay in repair bills during that time. 

There are a few different factors that are going to influence the cost of your extended warranty. Things like coverage level, type of vehicle, deductible, and extra benefits can raise or lower the overall cost. Let’s take a look at each of these factors a little closer to understand better what will determine your warranty cost.


Most third-party companies will offer up to 5 or 6 different levels of coverage to fit your specific needs. Each level will be priced accordingly, so you can easily find one that fits your particular budget. Exclusionary coverage plans will be at a higher level of cost due to these warranties covering just about everything on your vehicle. For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can choose a simple powertrain extended warranty to protect your Lincoln’s most expensive main components for a lower cost.

Type Of Vehicle

The type of vehicle that you own will also play a significant role in how much you will be paying for coverage. Larger vehicles such as SUVs and trucks carry a higher price tag due to the parts’ overall cost. The same will be valid for vehicles with more features and amenities. Higher mileage cars will also cost more as they tend to need more repairs as they grow older. 


If your extended warranty requires a deductible, you may pay less for your overall extended warranty cost. Deductibles you’re required to pay for a repair before your extended warranty starts to pay. For example, if you have a $200 deductible and your repair will cost $800, you will be required to pay $200, and your warranty will pay the additional $600.

Extra Benefits

Last but certainly not least is the extra benefits found on some plans. While most companies will tack these on for free, you may want to see if the overall cost is higher due to these benefits. These are starting to become more common as added benefits to stay competitive in the market, but you will want to compare what you are getting for your paying price.

What Is Covered Under Lincoln’s Factory Warranty?

With new vehicle warranties, Lincoln offers three great warranties to keep your vehicle protected. These warranties are standard on all new vehicles and include great benefits such as 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car benefits, and are 100% transferable.

Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty | 4 Year / 50,000 Mile—As with any car manufacturer, Lincoln has a standard bumper-to-bumper warranty for four years or 50,000 miles for every new Lincoln. This warranty includes replacement or adjustment for certain maintenance items during the warranty period at no additional cost. Wiper blade replacements during the first six months, wheel alignments and tire balancing during the first 12 years or 12,000 miles, and brake pad and lining replacement during the first year or 18,000 miles are all included.

New Vehicle Powertrain Warranty | 6 Year / 70,000 Mile—Lincoln’s powertrain factory warranty covers against defects in materials or workmanship on factory components for six years or 70,000 miles. This will cover high dollar items such as your engine, transmission, and front/rear/all-wheel-drive systems.

Anti-Perforation Warranty | 5 Year—The anti-perforation warranty provides coverage for perforation (holes) in your vehicle’s sheet metal body panels. This is very uncommon for most vehicles but can be a problem for salt used on the roadways during the winter.

What Should I Do If My Lincoln Manufacturer’s Warranty Has Expired?

As vehicles get older, they become more vulnerable to part failure, especially if not properly maintained. The best time to invest in an extended warranty is right before your factory warranty expires. By doing this early on, you can avoid paying out-of-pocket when faced with a repair bill.  Plus, you gain access to great benefits such as trip interruption, roadside assistance, and rental car reimbursement. 

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Average Lincoln Repair Costs

Automobile repair costs usually don’t come cheap, let alone at a time where you want to spend money on your car. That is where an extended warranty can help you save time and money. To give you a better idea of what you can expect to see on your Lincoln’s repair bill, we have put together the average costs for common repairs.

Lincoln Repair Part Average Cost
A/C Compressor $614-$745
Window Motor $212-$258
Alternator $382-$405
Power Steering Pump $407-$480
Outer Tie Rod $127-$206
Shock Replacement $1,045-$1,093

*prices derived from

Lincoln Warranty Benefits

Every warranty comes with great benefits, such as roadside assistance for the original owner’s life and loaner pickup/delivery services. For their extended warranty, you can take advantage of the rental vehicle benefits of up to 10 days and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Shopping For an Extended Lincoln Warranty

Shopping for an extended warranty can be a little intimidating, especially if you have never purchased one before. With so many options, from a Lincoln extended warranty to third-party options, there are tons of options to choose from. To help you make the best purchasing decision regarding coverage and cost, we have answered a few of the most popular questions when shopping for an extended warranty.

  • Are there any exclusions in my policy?

Exclusions are items that will not be included in your policy. This can apply to certain repairs, situations, or aftermarket components that are used on your vehicle. You will need to have a clear understanding of what exclusions your policy has before making a purchase.

  • Do extended warranties cover wear and tear?

Wear and tear are covered by Lincoln’s extended warranty, but not always covered by third-party coverage. 

  • What are my options for other levels of coverage?

Most extended warranty companies are going to offer a variety of coverage plans for you to choose from. Ask about all of your options regarding coverage to make sure you are getting the level of coverage you need without overpaying.

  • What factors will void my extended warranty?

One of the worst things you can do with your extended warranty is void it without knowing. Voiding your extended warranty means that you will no longer be covered under that policy. Find out what factory may void your specific warranty so that you can keep your warranty intact.

Lincoln Extended Warranty Or Third-Party Vehicle Protection?

So now that we have looked at both Lincoln and third-party extended vehicle warnings, it is time to see how they compare against each other. They are both going to have their pros and cons, but your purchasing decision can be decided by looking at the cost, coverage, convenience of your warranty. Let’s look at each factor and see how they compare against each other.


Cost is one of the most significant factors that people take into consideration when purchasing an extended warranty. Lincoln’s extended warranties will usually be a little more expensive because they offer Lincoln-trained technicians providing the work. Still, you can finance the warranty fairly easily for affordable payments.

Third-party companies are going to offer more plans with more choices of budget-friendly options. Since these companies are not paying Lincoln technicians or doing work in-house, they usually have a little more room to move on the price.


Lincoln offers four great plans for their extended warranties, which are more than most industry manufacturers provide. This makes them extremely competitive against third-party companies.

Many third-party companies are going to offer 5-6 different options for you to choose from. These options let you choose coverage more specifically designed for the specific coverage that you are wanting. This is one of the biggest reasons that many people choose to go with a third-party company.

Where To Get Repairs Done

For those with a Lincoln extended warranty, you will have to take your vehicle to a Lincoln dealership to have the work completed for warranty.

For those with a third-party extended warranty, you can usually go with a certified mechanic to have your warranty work completed. You will need to verify this with the company you choose to go with before having the work completed.

Third-Party Lincoln Extended Warranty Benefits

Many Lincoln owners choose to go with a third party extended warranty as there are more benefits, better coverage levels, and are usually more affordable than the dealership. To give you a better idea of some of the biggest perks, we have listed a few below:

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance—24/7 roadside assistance is one of the biggest benefits that you will get with most third-party extended warranties. This coverage is going to provide assistance if your vehicle has broken down at any hour of the day. 
  • Substitute TransportationJust because your vehicle has stopped working, it doesn’t mean that you have to as well. Substitute transportation offers rental cars, rental car reimbursement, or public transportation reimbursement for your vehicle repair duration.
  • Trip Interruption—If your vehicle breaks down more than 100 miles from your home, many companies will offer food and lodging reimbursement while your car is repaired. This is the basis of trip interruption and can be a lifesaver if you are on vacation.

More About Lincoln Warranties:

Just like any other car manufacturer, Lincoln is going to have its fair share of problems, defects, and recalls. Knowing all of the common problems and recalls can better prepare you for what you can expect from your Lincoln. To help give you a few resources on where you can find this information, we have listed a few below:

General Recalls, Problems, and Defects: NHTSA-Safety Issues & Recalls

Lincoln Owner Reviews: Car Brands Ratings

Lincoln Automotive Recalls: 

Frequently Asked Questions: Lincoln’s Factory Warranty

How Long Does A Standard Lincoln Factory Warranty Last?

The factory bumper-to-bumper Lincoln warranty is going to have a coverage period of 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Is my Engine Covered Under a Lincoln Factory Warranty?

Your Lincoln’s engine will be covered under the factory powertrain warranty for 6 years or 70,000 miles.

Is my Lincoln Warranty Transferable?

Yes, a factory warranty is transferable to the new owner of your vehicle.

What Is The Best Extended Warranty For my Lincoln?

To determine what the best warranty for your Lincoln is, you need to take into consideration exactly what you are looking for. Since everyone has different needs, you will need to find a policy that has the specific coverages and cost for you.

Which Lincoln Vehicles Are Covered Under An Extended Warranty?

Most Lincoln vehicles are going to be covered under an extended warranty. You will need to check for any exclusions if you own a specialty Lincoln vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions: Lincoln’s Extended Warranty

Where Can I Get My Lincoln Serviced For Repairs?

Where you can take your Lincoln to be repaired for warranty work will depend on which company you choose to go with. If you go through Lincoln for your extended warranty, you will have to take your vehicle to a Lincoln dealership for the warranty work. With a third-party service, you usually have the flexibility to take your vehicle to just about any certified mechanic.

What Do Other Extended Car Warranties Cover That Lincoln Warranties Do Not?

Most third-party extended car warranties are going to cover various components in different levels of coverage. This allows you to get more customized coverages when compared to a Lincoln warranty.

What Extended Warranty Covers The Most For The Best Price?

To find out which extended warranty is going to cover the most for the best price, you will need to figure out what you want to be covered and what your budget is. From here, you can compare plans to find which is going to be the best for your specific vehicle.

How Do I Get A Quote For An Extended Warranty?

Requesting a quote to buy Lincoln extended warranty coverage couldn’t be any easier. Check out our reviews of the top companies in the business to find one that fits your needs.

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