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From Warranties to Engineering: Hyundai Genesis Gets an Upgrade in Luxury

By  In Warranty News On August 5, 2016

Hyundai has long been hyping the official launch of the Genesis luxury brand, and in order to further entice a new customer base Hyundai, renowned for their comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty, is now officially loading their vehicles up with almost every kind of tangential benefit you can imagine.

Hyundai has always touted a best-in-segment warranty, and in addition to that the Genesis brad will be offering a tone of complimentary services that aim to ease buyers’ burdens and hopefully excite them.

Starting with giving the Genesis brand its own line of stores, the first of which are located at what will be South Korea’s biggest shopping mall, Starfield Hanam. Now in terms of the plans for further standalone Genesis outlets across the globe, Hyundai said that “while many options are being considered nothing has been decided at this moment” (AutoBlog).

The South Korean newspaper Electronics Times said on Thursday, July 21st that Hyundai is currently planning to open 10 dedicated Genesis stores in South Korea next year, including locations in Seoul’s wealthy Gangnam district and the southeastern city of Busan.

As of this write up, the Genesis line-up currently features only two main models with a number of unique trims for each, a range that the company plans to expand to six by 2020 including an SUV.

Hyundai Luxury WarrantyWhether a driver opts for the large G90 (formerly known as the Hyundai Equus) or the full size G80 (formerly known as Hyundai Genesis), they will reap the benefits of a new-car warranty good for five years. The Genesis-line offers powertrain coverage for 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first and as a bonus, owners get seven years of corrosion protection.

In fact, Genesis’ coverage is so comprehensive they are willing to offer three years of complimentary valet service. That entails a Genesis representative driving to the owner before leaving them with a loaner while theirs car is whisked off for service.

To top things off Genesis is making the first three years (or 36,000 miles) of scheduled maintenance complimentary: oil changes, air filters, oil filters, tire rotations and the like.

But then… there’s more!

Genesis Owners can also take advantage of three free years of Genesis Connected Services. This is more than a telematic service and includes app services that allow for remote unlocking and starting, and valet, speed and curfew alerts. It can even covers automatic collision notification, emergency roadside assistance, on-demand diagnostics and online destination searches.

It’s Still New and Untested

Keep in mind that these perks only apply to the Genesis G90 and the G80 at the moment, and we have yet to see why more Hyundai will unveil with regards to the Genesis lineup. With time, we are sure that these programs will be included on all Genesis models, as well.

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