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Ford Extended Warranty

Warranties are a major component of any vehicle purchase – even the best manufacturing system has a few flaws in places, and warranties help to protect consumers from major problems in production. Like many other manufacturers, Ford offers a selection of factory and extended warranty plans.

New Car Warranties

Ford offers a wide selection of basic components as part of the warranties for new vehicles, as well as a few extended warranty options.

  • The basic Bumper-to-Bumper warranty on a new Ford will typically cover 3 years and 36,000 miles. The powertrain, safety restraints, and roadside assistance program offer longer coverage, with five years and 60,000 miles as the standard fixtures. Certain engines (especially diesel engines) have an even better basic warranty of five years and 100,000 miles. While the warranty against corrosion is five years flat (and an unlimited number of miles.
  • The PowertrainCARE is Ford’s most basic extended warranty. It covers the engine, transmission, and axles of the vehicle to help keep it functioning properly. Ford lists the warranty as covering 29 major components of the vehicle.
  • A step up, the BaseCARE warranty increases the number of covered parts to 84, adding in focus on the brakes, steering, suspension, and electrical systems of the vehicle. Many drivers purchasing extended warranties prefer to at least step up to this level. Particularly, since Ford vehicles are worked harder (and therefore need more care) than many smaller cars.
  • The ExtraCARE package is almost identical to the BaseCARE, but adds in support for the advanced technology of the vehicle. This is effectively a luxury support level. But it does serve as a popular option for Ford drivers who are worried about damage caused as a result of rough use.
  • The PremiumCARE package treats over a thousand major components of the vehicle, covering just about every part that the factory installs.

Used Car Warranties

Many Ford dealerships offer additional warranties for used vehicles, especially those that qualify as Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Warranties for used vehicles may differ (except where required otherwise by law or policy).

Alternate Warranties

In addition to the wide selection of warranties available from Ford and its partnered dealerships, some warranties are available from third-party companies. These companies look to offer coverage that the manufacturer does not provide. Some drivers prefer to utilize third-party warranties because of the ease they have for getting repairs done effectively at any repair shop. The official dealership could be quite some distance away. Common features of these warranties include:

  • Free rentals while the insured vehicle is being fixed.
  • Roadside assistance on an as-needed basis.
  • Replacement of keys for the vehicle.
  • Customer service available around the clock.
  • No financing fees to raise the overall cost of the warranty.

Enhancing Ford Vehicles

Power is often a major consideration for the heavy-duty vehicles that Ford produces. Many drivers look to enhance their vehicles even further through the use of cosmetic modifications, turbo components, and other parts and pieces. While often helpful, the installation of these parts can void the factory warranties. Making it vital for the vehicle’s owner to secure another warranty as quickly as possible.

Any driver looking for a third-party warranty should carefully read all documentation to ensure that the warranty will cover as much as possible. It isn’t actually necessary for the warranty to cover the custom parts (as the manufacturer of those parts will usually do so). But some warranties may not be offered at all to vehicles that have undergone modification. A simple check of the warranty’s terms can help avert many problems later on.

Extended coverage is available for the following Ford models:

    Club Wagon

    E250 Cargo

    E350 Super Duty

    Econoline E250



    Escape XLS



    Expedition EL


    Explorer Sport

    Explorer Sport Trac


    F150 (Heritage) Regular C

    F150 (Heritage) Super Cab

    F150 Harley Davidson

    F-150 Lariat

    F150 Regular Cab

    F-150 Styleside 4WD

    F150 Super Cab

    F150 SuperCrew Cab

    F-150 XLT Lariat


    F250 Crew Cab

    F250 Super Cab

    F-250 Super Duty 4WD

    F-250 Super Duty Lariat


    F350 4×4 Turbodiesel

    F350 Crew Cab

    F350 Regular Cab

    F350 Super Duty Crew Cab

    F350 Super Duty Super Cab

    Five Hundred


    Focus SE

    Focus ZX3



    Fusion Energi

    Fusion S


    Mustang GT




    Transit Connect Cargo

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